never undestimate the bliss of relaxation

When was the last time you fully rested?

Healing occurs when your body is at rest.

I offer wellbeing sessions with a focus on holding a safe space for you to reach deep relaxation. 
The intention behind my wellbeing sessions, classes and reTREATs is for you to relax, rest and recentre.

My massage, sound, yomassage and group events are a time for recovery. To regroup. To just stop and 'be' before you return back to your personal life.

They can't change the external factors that create your stress, tension, anxiety, pain or overwhelm, but they can slowly help you shift and heal; giving your body ( and yourself ) a fresh start: a chance to rest and recentre.

I invite you to join me!

[ rasa /ˈrʌsəː/ ] has many meanings: bliss, essence, vibrational flow, delight in existence,
and my favourite ... the ability to create a venue to touch the inner soul...



'When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.'

Lao Tzu 

for busy women who wish to
slow down, rest + recentre
How can I help you rest + recentre?



Yomassage incorporates: mindful therapeutic touch, gentle restorative stretches and guided breathwork.

Deep relaxation

hot stone massage


My signature blend of hot stone massage, sound and energy therapies.

Deeply nurturing and relaxing.

Soundbath meditation


Join me for an hour of soothing harmonics and relaxing sounds of my Nepalese & crystal singing bowls.

RASA massage is a gift to your soul. The most beautiful and relaxing massage I have ever had. 💜