hot stone massage

Release stress & anxiety. Feel relief from aches and pains. Feel deeply nurtured and cared for. 

deep relaxation hot stone massage

If you are stressed, anxious or want to incorporate some magic into your life, this is a must!

Let go of stress and tension and enjoy a treatment designed to bring your whole being into a calm state of ease.

Feel deeply relaxed yet energised with this calming & comforting treatment.

Based on your wants and needs, together we will specifically craft a session that may include one or more of the following:

- Deep relaxation hot stone massage

- Sound therapies

- Energy healing

- Crystal stone facial massage

Enjoy the long flowing strokes of a custom deep relaxation massage designed for ultimate deep relaxation and pain relief.

Sink into the bliss of sound and vibration.

Feel deeply nurtured and rested with gentle energy healing.

My intention is to create space within your body, helping you to feel grounded and reconnected with body and mind.

Every massage includes hot stones and hot towels.

Mental clarity, peace & relaxation in one treatment.

I experienced a session with Carolyn recently and the only way to describe it was magical. Carolyn's healing space is so beautiful and calming and the hot stone massage was absolutely amazing! After the relaxing, warming and luxurious massage I had a half hour sound healing with the most beautiful singing bowls and all I can say is wow! I left feeling relaxed, nourished and totally blissful. Carolyn thank you for a truly amazing experience and I will definitely be back!"