Combining the gentle relaxation of sound (metal and crystal singing bowls) with nurturing energy healing on and around your body.

A sound massage is a natural 'feel good' therapy using the harmonic tones and vibrations of my singing bowls placed on, and played around, your body.

As the bowls are played, their beautiful harmonic sounds resonate gently in and around your body, helping you to physically and mentally relax with a deep sense of well-being.

Just like dropping a stone in water, the vibrations spread in waves throughout the body, gently dissolving tensions, giving you a nurturing massage deep into your body.

I use a combination of Reiki, guided energy healing and Pellowah as a gentle and nurturing 'vibrational' addition to the session.

Benefits of vibrational healing include:
– reducing stress and anxiety
– lowering anger and blood pressure
– improving circulation and increasing blood flow
– providing a sense of deep relaxation for the mind and body
– helping with pain relief and sleep issues
– balancing the chakras
– increasing mental and emotional clarity
– promoting stillness, happiness and well being
– stimulating the immune system

This session can be received either fully clothed lying comfortably on my massage table or as part of a Signature session (in combination with a hot stone massage).