soundbath meditation

Lie down, relax, become still and follow the sound.

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Join me for an hour of soothing harmonics and relaxing sounds of my Nepalese & crystal singing bowls.

Experience a new level of bliss as you slip into a deep state of relaxation.


Each session is designed to leave you feeling relaxed and blissed out.

Just like dropping a stone in water, the vibrations spread in waves gently dissolving tensions, giving you a nurturing sound massage deep into your body.

As the bowls are played, their beautiful harmonic sounds resonate gently in and around your body, helping you to physically and mentally relax with a deep sense of well-being. These ancient, soothing sounds are very effective at reducing stress, enabling you to relax deeply, achieving an altered state of consciousness similar to deep meditation.

A soundbath experience can provide many benefits to counteract the stresses of everyday life, but ultimately it is an incredibly enjoyable experience, accessible to everyone.

I truly enjoyed the night so much .

Had a great sleep and felt so relaxed and grounded after.

The atmosphere was lovely and your giving energy so well received.

Truly grateful.


A soundbath meditation is an immersion in beautiful sounds and vibrations, created using metal and crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and percussion instruments. The vibrations created during these sessions are considered to be healing for the body, mind and soul, leading you to a deeply relaxing, meditative state.

We are all becoming more and more aware of the need to manage stress for both emotional and physical wellbeing.


A recent study found that singing bowl meditations significantly reduce stress, depression, anxiety and fatigue. All of these things are known to negatively impact your health, presenting in different ways, such as disturbed sleep, digestive issues, chronic illnesses, memory loss, to name but a few.

Sound bypasses our rational mind, assisting you to heal at a cellular level.

Some of the benefits of a soundbath include:
– reducing stress and anxiety
– lowering anger and blood pressure
– improving circulation and increasing blood flow
– providing a sense of deep relaxation for the mind and body
– helping with pain relief and sleep issues

– balancing the chakras
– increasing mental and emotional clarity
– promoting stillness, happiness and well being
– stimulating the immune system


Sound therapy/sound baths may not be suitable for certain individuals.

Please contact prior to booking if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, have epilepsy/seizures, are diagnosed with severe mental health conditions or have metal pin or plate implants in your body so I can best meet your needs.